Midwest Hotel Furniture Liquidators has combined over 30 years experience in hotel ownership and management. When hotels are required to renovate and upgrade their furnishings due to industry standards or franchise obligations, we assist the hotels in removing the existing furninshings to make way for the newerstyles. We are then able to offer you those high quality, stylish furnishings for your home, company, office, church, motel or resort. Hotel \ motel room furniture packages available at discounted rates.

Our services include:

Furniture Sales
We purchase furniture from some of the finest hotels, motels, lodges, and resorts in the country when they renovate their properties, then offer it to you at liquidation prices. We can even arrange shipment of your furniture right to your door. This means that you can purchase used furniture that's in excellent condition and save a great deal of money!

On-Site Sales
If your property is undergoing a complete renovation, will be closed for a period of time, or is scheduled to be demolished, we can purchase the furnishings and other contents and conduct an intensive on-site sale. This frees up your time and helps keep your project on schedule!

Renovate & Remain Open
Let us help with the logistics of your renovation by purchasing and removing your used furniture and transporting it to one of our warehouses. We work closely with your property management team and general contractor to remove furniture and other items for your renovation area quickly and with minimal interruption to your guest services.

We can install your new FF&E as well as remove items to be replaced.